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Denver Cosmetic Surgery

Finally, another point that patients seem not to be so clear: plastic surgery is not a commodity, it is not interchangeable, that is, it can not be sold or applied the same for everyone, what is that of selling the breast augmentation to a fixed amount? Do you all need the same prosthesis, the same type of surgery, do the same technique, and the duration is similar?

It turns out that each patient is different , each surgeon is unique because each one has training and experience, and way of thinking, when not own and ethical demand, absolutely different, (in the case of these corporations that I speak of, do all of Denver Cosmetic Surgery their surgeons operate equally well and have so much experience?). The techniques to be used in each patient, then, must be individualized, for each patient and each surgeon. Luckily, plastic surgery has many tools for the surgeon to adapt the best technique to each patient.

Denver Cosmetic Surgery

And about such innovative fashions and technologies, we all see how they come and go, some are maintained, and others are dismissed as ineffective when not dangerous, but it is very clear that technology is never going to be more important than the experience of the surgeon. So be careful when choosing a surgeon just because they advertise some cutting-edge technology, the latest machine on the market … is that the best criterion? What if, as so many times is happening, that technology does not work well, or is not as effective as promised, or gives problems, things that only we will know years later?

We are talking about plastic surgery, surgery, so the important thing is the surgeon, not your company, or your advertising. Misleading advertising can be a great inconvenience when buying a consumer product, but when it comes to our body or our face, it can be dramatic. When considering surgery, you have to follow other criteria; you have to learn more, and better.