Never Suffer From Denver Cosmetic Surgery Again

Jen they’re actually going to do Christians going to do the procedure on you the pail of a during commercial break and we get to see the results at the end of the show you’re pretty excited oh yeah why did you decide to choose dr. fonte oh his reputation yeah about him and I am known him personally over the years too because our.

Kids were in school together at different times sure I wish I could just name a list of people that I know that have gone to you can I go some of them are in the public eye let me just put it like that beeping thank you so much we’re going to get a sneak peek and we’re going to check back later in the show with dr. font a Christian.

denver cosmetic surgery

And Jen to see how her in show apple of a treatment goes beleve can be scheduled at dr. Robert fontes office with minimal discomfort so be sure to call the Fonte I in face Center today please mention you saw them on colorado and company and guess what you’re going to receive an additional savings on your pal of a treatment.

Treatment excuse me call you can also learn so much more online about dr. Robert Fontaine’s practice his web address is dr font a calm and a consultation with a specialist is recommended to determine exactly what’s needed you’ll be glad that you chose this highly experienced professional and his staff for your new look dr. fontes number again it’s fonte eye and face Center paid for the segment.

We’re going to check back in with them a little bit later still ahead this morning if you’re hi good morning you’re back with colorado and company and we’re back with dr. robert fonte to see how the pull of a treatment went with Jen who looks gorgeous by the way she was on earlier in the show and has been receiving treatments from Christian welcome back.

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